Climate Changes in Repeated Cycles

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Sea and Surface Temperatures, Major Earthquakes, Volcano Eruptions, Droughts, Extreme Temperatures, Famine, Flooding, Wildfires and Cyclones suddenly intensified in the late 50s!

Credit NASA

Weather changes constantly, scientists tell us our climate changes in repeated cycles and these changes can provide big changes for people living on earth. There is no doubt, our climate is changing, it’s getting warmer, it’s also getting colder and wetter in many places and dryer in others but is it man causing climate change or is it something else?

According to, around 200 BC and 600 AD, there was Roman warming. Around AD 440 and 900, Dark Ages cooling. Around 900 to 1300, we had Medieval warming. Followed by “The Little Ice-Age,” 1300 to 1850, phases 1 and 2. Around 1850 to present is the modern warming, which by the way, many scientists claim the 1930s were hotter than now. (This period is what many people are calling global warming).


The Sun’s magnetic field experiences regular cycles and when sunspot activity changes on the Sun, Earth’s weather and temperatures change too. Variations in radiation from the Sun would largely contribute to temperature and weather changes here on Earth, see graph left. We are told it’s Carbon Dioxide, human-driven CO2 that is causing the climate to change but is that the real reason?

Published papers, clearly show it is always temperature which rises first by at least several hundred years and then the carbon dioxide responds. For instance, the warming of Greenland has been going on since 1850, long before human-driven CO2 could have been an influence. There is a consistent warming pattern since 1850.

The records of temperature and CO2 over the past 650,000 years indicate that Earth’s temperature always rises first, followed by a rise in Carbon Dioxide.


Is man really melting the ice-caps? Is man causing the crippling droughts around the world, the record flooding, heat, cold and snow-fall? Or is it something much more powerful, our Sun?

Some scientists have taken the solar cycle influence on the Earth’s climate even further, one of these scientists, Mr Douglas Vogt claims our Sun “Novas,” every 12,068 years, causing catastrophe not only on Earth but in the whole Solar System. He writes on his own Diehold Foundation “We believe we can determine what side of the earth will be facing the sun when it novas during the next geomagnetic reversal (polar reversal).” “This will be done by collecting sediment samples from around the world to look for the small glass beads (.1-1 mm) thrown off by the nova.” “These are the same glass beads that were found on the Moon.” (and photographed on Mars, added by Gary Walton)

Green glass beads found on the Moon and also the Earth. Other colours and shapes were found on both but all came from the Sun when it Novaed, according to Douglas Vogt.

Mr Douglas Vogt claims we are being lied to by the CIA and other organisations who want us to believe climate change is caused by humans with overuse of Carbon Dioxide.

Another scientist Thomas Gold wrote in 1969 when he observed the pictures of tiny glass beads and rocks with a melted glaze found on the moon, wrote, The phenomenon was not caused by a Sun-flare but rather, a minor Nova-like burst from our Sun. This claim can be found in Science, Vol 168, (Sept 26th 1969) page: 1345. Mr Douglas Vogt believes the next Nova-like burst from our Sun will be in 2046.

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, 1957 the Sun had 503 sun-spots, this crazy number of sun-spots lasted for 5 days, the Sun was wild, which scared the science community at the time, see graph below, taken from the Douglas Vogt video

The real reason for Climate Change or Global Warming is shown in the graph above, the red lines are the Gliessberg sunspot solar cycles, going all the way back to 1867. Look what happens on Christmas Eve 1957 the solar cycle lines spikes to its highest peak since 1867. Then, check the blue line, in the years which follows the blue line, sea surface temperatures begin to rise, as does the green line, which is the Mean surface temperature. Ladies and gentlemen, if I was to tell you, major earthquakes, volcano eruptions, floods, cyclones and natural disasters all mirror that graph above and all spiking after Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 1957, you would come to the conclusion of a Devine intervention, A God Clock, if you like! And it started counting down on Christmas Eve, 1957.

According to Royal Observatory of Belgium, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, 1957, our star had a record number, 503 sunspots, see chart section below.

From then on, Sea and Surface Temperatures, Major Earthquakes, Volcano Eruptions, Droughts, Extreme Temperatures, Famine, Flooding, Wildfires and Cyclones suddenly intensified and that data is unquestionable, take a look below at some graphs but please, don’t take my word for it, do some research yourself.

This is a graph I made in 2014, I made the graph from the USGS archives at the time, as you can see, at the end of the 50s, the beginning of the 60s the graph suddenly spikes, like the one from Douglas Vogt’s video! Major quakes took off at around the same time as sea temperatures and mean surface temperatures, it’s a fact.

It is the same with volcano eruptions, granted the graph shows a steady climb but look closely at around the 1954 mark, there is a sudden spike, just like the other graphs!

Every graph, they all provide the same data. Wikipedia Do these graphs prove the end of this system of things, which began at the end of the 50s? And if so will 2046 be the year our Sun Micro-Novas and if so, what can we expect?

Once again, another graph, this one from me using USGS archive data, the graph jumps in the late 50s

Another video from Douglas Vogt’s series, this graph showing Tornado increase in the U.S. after the 1957/58 Solar Maximum spike.

Another video from Douglas Vogt’s series, this graph showing Volcano Activity increase since the 1957/58 Solar Maximum spike.

History of global temperature since the mid-nineteenth century through 2018 compared to the 1981-2010 average from four analysis teams: NOAA (red), NASA (tan), the University of East Anglia (pink), and the Japan Meteorological Agency (orange). In the background is an image of Earth on August 3, 2018, from NOAA’s DSCOVR satellite.

I have often wondered when reading the Bible about a great earthquake which is prophesied to come before the Great Day Of The Lord. The earthquake is so great it will move every mountain and every island from its place. Our sun will become as black as sackcloth, the moon will turn blood red, (the moon would be red because it would be melting!) and the stars of the heavens will fall to earth and the heaven will depart as a scroll being rolled up. The Kings of the earth, high officials, military commanders and everyone else to hide in caves, saying to the mountains and to the rocks.

This earthquake is mentioned many times in the Bible and I always pondered on the size of such an earthquake, what force could produce something like this? What force could move every mountain and every island on our planet?

An explanation found?

Yesterday, I stumbled on a book called The Adam and Eve Story by Chan Thomas, I couldn’t put the book down it was brilliant. In the book, Mr Thomas explains in specific detail a cataclysmic event which describes the great earthquake in the Bible. But, believe me, reading further is NOT for the faint-hearted.

Mr Thomas book begins: With a rumble so low to be inaudible, growing throbbing, then fuming into a roar, the earthquake starts…only it’s not like any other earthquake in recorded history.

In California, the mountains shake like ferns in a breeze, The mighty Pacific rears back and piles up into a mountain of seawater two miles high, then starts its race eastward.

With the force of a thousand armies the wind attacks, ripping, shredding everything in its supersonic bombardment. The unbelievable mountain of Pacific seawater follows the wind eastward, burying Los Angeles and San Fransisco as if they were grains of sand.

Nothing but nothing can stop the relentless, overwhelming onslaught of water and wind.

Across the continent, the thousand mph wind wreaks its hell its unholy vengeance everywhere. Every living thing is ripped into shreds while being blown across the countryside and more earthquakes leave nowhere untouched.  In many places, the earth’s molten sublayer breaks through and spread a sea of white-hot liquid fire to add to the holocaust. Within three hours the fantastic wall of seawater moves across the continent, burying the wind ravage land under two miles of seething water. coast to coast.

In a fraction of a day, all vestiges of civilisation have gone and the great cities of the U.S. are nothing more than legends. Barely a stone is left where earlier millions had walked.

North America is not alone, Central America suffers the same cannonade, wind, earth-fire and inundation.

South America finds the Andes not high enough to stop the cataclysmic pounded out by nature in her berserk rage. In less than a day Equador, Peru and Western Brasil are shaken madly by the devastating earthquake. The Andes are piled higher and higher by the Pacific’s supersonic onslaught as it surges itself over the mountains. The entire continent is burned by molten-earth fire, buried under cubic miles of violent seas and then turned into a freezing hell.  Everything freezes, man, beast, plant and mud are all rock hard in less than four hours.

Europe can’t escape the onslaught, the raging Atlantic piles higher and higher on its self following the screeching wind eastward. The mighty Alps, Pyrenees and Urals are shaken then heaved even higher when the wall of water strikes.

This is the great earthquake mentioned in the Bible!

The book goes on to describe what happens to the rest of the world as the supersonic wind and wall of water hits the rest of the planet…

The CIA would later declassify the book in part and release a “sanitized copy” approved for release in 2013/06/24. What was in the book that would have the CIA declassify it and release its own version of a dumbed-down version of events debunked by scientists around the world? Full story

What could cause the earthquake described by Chan Thomas and The Bible? A solar outburst, a micronova, a blast of solar wind so strong as to make the earth flip, see explanation above. According to the experts, these “flips” happen roughly every 12,000 years and one expert, Douglas Vogt claims the next flip will happen in 2046. (End Times!)