Volcano Discovery YouTube Videos

Here are some Links to the Volcano Discovery YouTube site, which shows many amazing Videos about different Volcanic Eruptions.

Here are some Links to some YouTube Videos that deal with the events related to the Beginning of Sorrows of the New Testament.

These types of events are going to get worse in the years ahead, as the Great Tribulation Period approaches.

This time period will last for 3 1/2 years, then at the very end of this Time Period, the Wrath of God will take place and last for about 45 days.

These Videos are mostly Volcanic Eruption events, as these are the primary events that will be occurring during this Great Tribulation Period.

A.Volcano Discovery YouTube Channel

This first section are what I consider to be the Best Volcanic Videos as they show a lot of the Volcanic Bombs, Fire, Lava and some Ash Cloud eruptions that is described in the Book of Revelation.

Most people of the world will have no idea what is occurring on a global scene, because they are have no knowledge of the Bible and are not being taught the Book of Revelation by religious leaders. The truth is, most religious leaders are totally ignorant of these things anyway, so how can they be expected to teach anyone else???

01.Etna volcano on July 19, 2011

02.Lava fountains of Etna volcano

03.Etna volcano lava fountains

04.Etna volcano lava fountains

05.Etna volcano

06.Etna volcano

07.Etna volcano

08.Etna volcano lava fountains

09.Giant lava bubble explosion – Etna volcano

10.Etna volcano lava fountains

11.Etna volcano

12.Semeru volcano lava dome

13.Batu Tara volcano

14.Krakatau volcano: spectacular large explosion 17 Oct 2018

15.Anak Krakatau Powerful Blast

16.Best evening show on the beach of Krakatoa volcano

17.Lava at Krakatau volcano

18.Krakatoa volcano erupts red hot lava

19.Evening eruption at Anak Krakatau

20.Krakatoa volcano eruptions

21.Volcano Expedition to Krakatoa

22.Volcanic Lightnings at Krakatau Volcano

23.Krakatau volcano – spectacular explosions at day and night

24.Eruptions of Anak Krakatau

25.Erta Ale volcano, Danakil, Ethiopia

26.Rain of fire – a shower of liquid red hot lava

27.Happy New Year 2019 – volcano fireworks from Krakatoa

28.Eruptions of Anak Krakatau Pre Tsunami



This Second Section are other Videos on this YouTube site:

01.Spattering lava from a crater of Ambrym volcano, Vanuatu

02.Spattering from the active south vent inside Benbow crater, Ambrym volcano (Vanuatu)

03.Volcanic eruption at Yasur volcano, Vanuatu

04.The lava lake of Erta Ale volcano overflows (Danakil desert, Ethiopia)

05.Overflowing boiling lava lake of Erta Ale volcano

06.Fireworks at the lava lake of Erta Ale in the twilight

07.Yellow fountain at Dallol volcano

08.Erupting lava lake at night

09.Fireworks at Erta Ale volcano, Nov 2010

10.Lava lake of Nyiragongo volcano

11.Lava lake of Nyiragongo volcano, DR Congo

12.Boiling lava lake in Nyiragongo volcano, DR Congo

13.Shock waves from Bromo volcano

14.Ijen Volcano – blue sulfur flames at night

15.Blue flames of burning sulfur at Ijen volcano at night

16.Kizimen volcano (Kamchatka) timelapse

17.Lava flow and large explosion from Stromboli volcano